This is ME...

In Latin, VANESSA 

can mean "of Venus," the god of love. In Greek, Vanessa represents the "butterfly."

"The moment I knew what was possible, I jumped in - heart first."

Today, I guide both men and women to making the practice of wellness, self-love, and inner discovery a desire.

I help others shape their lives in the best ways possible. I connect people with their Highest Good, their Highest Self, and their Highest Source so that they can create Heaven on Earth.

Things I LOVE

  • Looking up into the sky
  • Traveling the world
  • People young, old and everything in between
  • Inspecting the insides of a pomegranate
  • Meditating in saltwater
  • Walking on nature trails and moving my body
  • Life. I love life.

My Current HOBBIES

  • Regrouping on Sundays without my cell phone, with extra prayer and longer meditations.
  • Sharing my thoughts and experiences on YouTube: The Connection Hub
  • LOA Scripting (law of attraction)
  • Making new recipes. Yum, yum, yum
  • Watching The Chosen
  • Playing golf, weight training, and stretching on the mat

To Remember Myself.

Growing up, Religion and Spirituality were never pushed on me. I attended the Catholic School Board, but the church was never a place I was forced to go.

In my early 30s, I had more questions than answers, and my faith in anything more significant than myself was nonexistent.

In 2017, I started to make some well-over due changes and life as I knew it would never be the same.

A year later, God showed Himself to me in meditation and gave me a vision where I watched the conception of my soul. This knowledge helped me understand how we are all made. And that was when I became increasingly curious about The Light.

My relationship with Jesus is now my healing Grace.

My acceptance of God and The Power of Source have been my teacher.

And my new understanding of Love has transformed my heart.

Remembering God required me to slow down and get quiet. To push aside distractions and to stay open and curious. Remembering God was a journey to remembering myself, and having faith in both has made life fulfilling.



I traveled on more than 70 planes, visiting places like Rwanda, Moscow, Mexico, and nearly all of Canada

I learned the heart is the master of language, not the tongue

I asked The Universe a question that changed my life; "is this all there is...?"


I began the process of Remembering who I am

I ended my journey with drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes

I quit my job and moved back home with my family. This was where Love transformed me.


I anchored myself into a journaling, gratitude, and meditation practice

I focused on art and showcased my work in an exhibit

I picked up running and ran my first 10K


I was certified as a Reiki Practitioner & completed Levels 1-3

I continued expanding on my mediumship, knowledge of crystals, and psychic comprehension/ability

I launched The Transformation Project Mentorship Program and started to help clients transform their lives


I received my Reiki Master Teacher certificate & started a regular teaching practice

I completed 200 Hours of Yoga Teacher Training

I began hosting LIVE meditation gatherings, weekly group classes, and intuition development courses


I became a certified Breathwork Coach

I started to write my first book... and I'm still typing away!

I took a more serious dive inside the Akashic Records and studied their purpose with teachers like Sandra Anne Taylor and Andrrea Hess


I launched The Connection Hub on YouTube

I completed Marisa Peer's RTT Hypnotherapist Program with a full certificate

I will continue to dream BIG and live lovingly