So, who's

My name's VANESSA

and in Greek, it translates to Butterfly. I would describe myself as a woman who's found joy in her heart, a skip in her step, and an openness to life. 

Oh, yea, and a Modern Psychic.

I remember having quite amazing experiences as a child, but the genuine connection with my intuitive nature only began once I had started my journey with healing, self-love, and faith.

"The moment I knew what was possible, I jumped in, heart first."

Today, I help men and women make the practice of wellness, self-care, and inner discovery, a priority. I'm here to give whoever's ready the stepping stones to the next phase of their life.




Things I LOVE

  • Looking up into the sky
  • Traveling the world
  • People young and old
  • Inspecting the insides of a pomegranate
  • Meditating in saltwater
  • Walking on nature trails and moving my body
  • Life. I love life.


  • Regrouping every Sunday with extra prayer, longer meditations, a couple of games of euchre, and an episode of The Chosen
  • Building websites for Spiritual Entrepreneurs
  • Writing random notes on my phone to spark future podcast ideas
  • Trying new recipes and crisping food up in the air fryer

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I traveled on more than 70 planes, visiting places like Rwanda, Moscow, and Mexico

I learned the heart is the master of language, not the tongue

When I asked The Universe, "Is this all there is...?" I learned it was the only question I ever had to ask


I started my process of Remembering

I became sober and quit smoking

I moved on from my 14-year career as one of the country's leading makeup artists to discover new horizons


I continued to heal through journaling, gratitude, and meditation

I focused on art and showcased my work in an exhibit

I picked up running and started to train for my first 10K


I began my Reiki Practitioner Journey & completed Levels 1-3

I continued my education with Mediumship & Crystals

I launched my Mentorship Program and started to help clients on a deep, transformative level


I became a certified Reiki Master & started my teaching practice shortly after

I also completed my 200 HR Yoga Teacher Training

I started to host LIVE meditation gatherings and weekly group classes that primarily focused on the chakras and building intuition


I became a certified Breathwork Coach

I started to write my first book... and I'm still typing away!

I took my love for Past Life Regression and began taking a deeper look inside the Akashic Records


I was certified as a Soul Realignment Practitioner

I am studying to become a Certified Hypnotherapist

I will continue to dream BIG and live lovingly

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