Energetic Awareness In The Physical World

Here's what you'll get...

  • Worksheets & Writing Prompts
  • Chakra & Energy Enhancing Meditations
  • Practices & Habits promised to encourage healthy experiences as an energetic being in the physical world
  • Helpful information on crystals, essential oils & affirmations 
  • Community Support & Inspiration

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What People Are Saying:

Vanessa is an outstanding teacher. Her knowledge and approach are incredible. Not only have I learned about intuition, but I have walked away with the tools that are needed to continue my journey.


Whether you are just starting out on your journey or looking to go deeper, the insights Vanessa shares are helpful in many ways. Vanessa's classes are fun and insightful!


$177.00 CAD

I am aware that the material in Energetic Awareness In The Physical World has been made available from the creator's own experience.

Knowing this, I acknowledge that said material does not replace medical or professional help. I understand that if I require assistance in any area of my life, I will make suitable arrangements with the appropriate professionals.

Never will I distribute, duplicate or rearrange any content or material in any form, written, filmed, or virtual meetings from the Energetic Awareness In The Physical World franchise.

If anyone I know or speak with is interested in obtaining what this course has publicly offered, I am dedicated to sharing this sales page to ensure its creator is compensated fairly.

Lastly, I will not hold Energetic Awareness in the Physical World responsible for any transformations that will likely occur. I know the miracles I am open to experiencing are only something my Higher Self is in charge of.