In Light Mentoring began as The Transformation Project in 2019 and continues to expand.

My understanding of wellness stretches far beyond the textbooks; combined with my light-centered psychic approach, clients agree that my coaching techniques elevate the entire experience.

Intuitive development and emotional well-being are the two primary focuses in any of my programs.

In 2023, I will expand my focus to include health and nutrition, where applicable, to offer a well-rounded, holistic approach to anyone's needs.

I offer various tools and practices that guide my clients from one phase of their lives into the next.

Coaching opportunities are structured in 5, 7, and 9-month packages, where you will schedule monthly and bi-weekly Online ZOOM sessions, psychic readings, assessments, wellness support, and more.

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FIVE Month

The 5-Month Coaching Program is for anyone interested in diving headfirst into transformational change. During the five months, we will be meeting every two weeks.



Do you already have a head start in your wellness journey, but know you could use my guided support? Let's connect once a month to expand your horizons, keep you on track with your goals, and focused on what you need at this time.


NINE Month

The nine-month program is for you if you're genuinely committed to discovering what's possible for yourself. Unlike the other options, the frequency of sessions over an extended period has proven to be highly beneficial.


Every program is UNIQUELY DESIGNED.

Following registration, you will DISCOVER WHAT'S IN STORE.

Here is what you can expect...


Through tailored meditation, hypnotherapy, distant Reiki, and writing practices, sessions are largely anchored in healing through inner work.


My intuitive-psychic approach will always assist you toward your heart's most authentic desires. Full psychic readings will be scheduled into your program.


A Spiritual Assessment answers your questions about your intuitive strengths and pieces of your Soul's journey and unique expression. 


Spiritual Attunements assist in advanced perception, acute discernment, heightened intuition, and positive results in mind, body, heart, & soul.


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I'll first send you a quick note to confirm your email address. Next, you'll receive my scheduling link to book a 20-minute Consultation Call!

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