To perceive psychic VISION within the mind


Action: Recall Your DREAMS

Shortly after waking up, log anything you can remember from your dreams the night before. Even the tiniest bit of information has the power to restore your memory of anything you experienced. Feelings, visions, and knowings are all great to log. 

EXAMPLE I was wearing black heels and running through a busy city. I remember feeling alive and full of energy. Then I noticed the fire hydrants were painted purple and there was a chubby orange cat sitting in the middle of the sidewalk meowing at me. 

TIP Recalling your dreams sooner than later will be helpful and easier with your memory.

PURPOSE By acknowledging your dreams, we open the gates to lifetimes worth of wisdom. This practice will also act as a portal of guidance between you and your Guides, Angels, and Loved Ones.


How we spend our alone time is entirely up to us, and yet, most people will lean into and choose some sort of device to accompany them. My advice? Find a healthy balance between the time you spend in front of a computer, phone, or television and choose broadly. Too many pixels will wreak havoc on the third-eye.