To perceive physical SENSATIONS within the physical body


Action: BODY Scan

Sit quietly with a pad of paper and pen nearby and begin your body scan.

Bring your attention from the top of your head to your toes. While you observe the physical sensations throughout your body, notice all the information it provides and write it down. Take your time, and pause with your inquiries. Notice the different sensations such as heat, cooling, tingles, tightness, openness, etc. 

EXAMPLE I feel the sensation of heat coming from my right ear. I'm noticing a tingling across my forehead or tightness in my throat. Whatever the sensation is, don't push it away. Notice it, sit with it and ask it questions.

TIP By closing your eyes, you will remove visual distractions.

PURPOSE Connecting back with the body and all the different sensations that wave through will provide a library of information and messages.


Our environments play a huge role in our well-being. If our space is cluttered, dirty, or unorganized, so is our mind. The more clarity we find outside of ourselves, the more clarity we can discover within. Aim to tidy up often and declutter whenever you feel anxious, unfocused, or frazzled. Your space has the ability not only to provide you with peace of mind but can also enhance your multisensory feeling.