To perceive recognizable TASTES with an empty mouth


Action: Choose A VARIETY

Expand your palate and try new foods. They say variety is the spice of life!

EXAMPLE Order a different dish at your favorite restaurant if you usually choose the same meal. Or take a look at the ingredients that you have on hand and Google recipes that coincide with what you have. Try different spices, or omit others, such as salt, if you know you're heavy-handed with them.

TIP Spend some extra time chewing your food. Notice all of the different textures and tastes throughout your meal.

PURPOSE By enjoying your meals and snacks without distraction, the flavors you experience will leave their imprint on your memory.

Familiar tastes and stand-out memories associated with specific foods will help you recall information on people, events, and experiences.


Our habits and behaviors around how we eat or drink directly influence how we link our experiences in life, such as holidays, relationships, and memories of travel, with our sense to taste.