To PERCEIVE something psychically without understanding how.


Action: HONOR Your

 A practice that pairs well with honoring your inner-knowing is not allowing anyone to gaslight you. Gaslighting is when a person psychologically manipulates someone else. When you're being gaslit, it's common to second guess yourself, and questions about what's real and what happened will surface.

EXAMPLE  Let's say you ask about someone's previous comment, wondering what they meant. In response, that person pretends they have no idea what you're talking about, and so they respond by saying something like this "No way, that's not true." Or "I didn't say that. You're making it up." When you know very well that you're not. 

Always stick to what you know. If there is any wavering in your recollection, ask them to help you recall the conversation in question to cover all of your ground.

TIP It's not about being right. It's about honoring your truth. So stay clear-headed, remain present, and be sure. Don't allow outside distractions to distort your perception

PURPOSE By honoring your gut knowing, you will build an accurate and trustworthy navigation system with your inner intelligence. A practice to gain self-confidence and earn your utmost respect.


One of the quickest ways to disconnect ourselves from cognizant awareness is through mind and body-altering substances. When our perception becomes altered, our state of knowing is also off track. And when our state of knowing is off track, it’s challenging to comprehend, recall and be sure of.