To perceive SOUND without audible evidence


Action: LISTEN To Music

We all hear music playing in the car, at restaurants, or in the background of any room, but how often do we listen

Sit quietly and comfortably, and play your favorite song, album, or artist. Close your eyes and isolate all of the different sounds within the song.

EXAMPLE Start by placing your focus and attention on the drums. Next, zero in on the guitar, and then the base, and so on. Allow for all of the sounds, rhythms, and beats to fill your ears with joy and wonder.

TIP Use a set of headphones to enhance the quality of any sound.

PURPOSE When we practice separating one sound from the others, we can quickly and clearly perceive our inner audible guidance; even in the loudest room.

Surround SOUND

If you’re drowning yourself in empty noise pollution it can become difficult to sensitize yourself to your inner voice or even the soundscape of your natural environment. By noticing the types of sounds that surround you, you can attune your ability to hear the different depths and layers of sound that encompass you. Think of such sounds as singing birds, the humming of a room fan, or traffic at a distance.