To perceive SCENTS & SMELLS through odorless air


Action: Stop To SMELL
The Roses

Take a moment to smell, sniff and inhale all the different scents you encounter daily.

EXAMPLE Breathe in the air on any given day, smell the apple's pulp as you take your next bite, and breathe in the dish soap as you wash up after preparing a meal.

TIP Keep your nasal passages clear by blowing your nose when you need to. You might also find that avoiding dairy is helpful if you notice it causes congestion and phlegm build-up.

PURPOSE Developing our sense of smell gives greater access to our Loved Ones in Spirit to communicate their presence. So, if Grandma loved to wear a specific perfume or your Uncle Jerry was a smoker, you may pick up on these scents when you least expect it, and when you do, you'll know who's close by.


When we begin to develop our psychic sense of smell, we want to ensure we create a fine balance between not overindulging in harsh chemical scents and possibly forgetting to smell the faintest aromas. Expand your palette while staying away from anything you sense as being harsh.