The FIVE-MONTH Coaching Program for Personal Development & Wellness Exploration.

"When we're yearning for change, sometimes all it takes is one deciding moment."

Who is the
FIVE MONTH Program for?

  • Anyone who wants more out of life but is unsure where to navigate next
  • If you're feeling stuck and confused and want clarification to live a more fulfilled life
  • Anyone looking for helpful guidance, tools, and practices to make a lasting shift in mind, body, heart, and soul 
  • Those who know they have yet unlocked their most significant potential and want guidance on what needs to change
  • Anyone who's experiencing a shift in their life, looking for answers, support, and direction 

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Please Read HOW IT WORKS... 

DURING Your Consultation Call...

You will have an opportunity to ask me any questions you have. This 20-minute face-to-face ZOOM meeting will let you know if we are a good fit to work with one another. If it's a yes, I will send you a registration form to begin!

You can make your decision at any time following this short call. There's no pressure to commit on the spot.

AFTER Your Consultation Call...

Our first session following the consultation call will be an hour. First, we will discuss your goals and objectives for the next five months. Next, I will provide a psychic reading to gain insight into our time with one another. This overview will give me what I need to create your unique and personalized program.

You can expect to receive your program details within 24 hours.

What Happens NEXT?

Your program outline will include TWO separate booking links to create your ZOOM meetings.

The first link is to book FIVE 80-minute sessions once a month for five months.

The second link will be your 45-minute check-in link allowing us to meet two weeks after THREE of your 80-minute sessions, determined per program.

FOR EXAMPLE - let's say your program runs between Sept. & Jan. with THREE 45-minute check-in sessions. Your personalized plan will list which three of the five months we will be sitting together in two-week spurts.

Check-ins benefit one-on-one strategic brainstorming, asking questions, and gaining further clarity on where you are throughout your program.

We will officially begin our journey together when you receive these links and book your first month's session!

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  • NINE face-to-face ZOOM meetings between 45-80 minutes long
  • ONE 60-Minute Psychic-Overview Session, to begin
  • FIVE 80-Minute Sessions
  • THREE 45-Minute Sessions
  • Bi-Weekly support and guidance with exercises, PDF worksheets
  • An open invitation to email me at any time
  • A life-changing opportunity




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